One of my favourite things about traveling is meeting people. It gives you the chance to meet different types of people from different walks of life. I love being able to converse with someone, with no script and no expectations. And how the universe would magically align for you to have a certain experience. The constant coming and going. The overwhelming flux. The confusing, chaotic mess at airports, seaports and railways. Crossing paths by chance. A welcoming kind of disturbance.

When you’re traveling alone with no solid itinerary, no other person to ask where to go, where to eat, you learn just to go with the flow because you never know what will happen next. It teaches you to be patient, to be considerate, and to be independent. Most of all you experience the kind of freedom you never knew you needed.

A lot of things happened to me in the months of July and August. I must say that the adventurous side of me had been awakened.

My heart is a wild sea. My fascination with waves and the ocean has taught me many things. I’ve always wanted to touch every grain of sand and swim to every clear waters of the beach. I’ve always wanted to chase every sunrise and sunsets and sleep under the stars.

And so I go.

Siargao is one of my bucketlists! This place is so dazzling. Everything is beautiful and peaceful. I never really imagined myself to be this attached to an island; This is an island that any beach bum would fall in love with.

Now, let’s embrace the spontaneity this island offers, and be open to be lost.

We got a flights from Manila / Cebu to Siargao via Cebu Pacific Airlines. We were supposed to fly at 10 AM but we were delayed for two hours. Since there were still traces of the previous storm then, I could barely see the view through the dark clouds.

After a while, it cleared up and I was rewarded with this!

I have to admit the indirect flight to Siargao was so hassle. But that’s the only way how to get to Siargao Island from Manila is by taking a connecting flight to Cebu. From Cebu, there is only one flight per day going to Siargao and two flights going from Siargao to Cebu.

The update is Skyjet Airlines now offers direct flights from Manila to Siargao.

From Sayak Airport– Siargao’s airport, you can reach the municipality of General Luna, in just an hour by arranging for a pick-up from your host before going to the island or you can hail a habal just outside the airport.

As a budget traveler we chose to stayed at Villa Solaria. This hostel is one of cheapest accommodation we found. Though this hostel is not a classy one but ambiance is very reasonable comparing it to its cheap price. The room don’t have an AC, but was a huge ceiling fan made it really cold during the night.

We didn’t get to try the food at the resort though, so I can’t tell you anything about it. However, what I do know is that guests can use to kitchen to cook their own meals.

It has a lot of resorts that offer accommodation from luxury rooms to cheap dormitories. Trip Advisor, Agoda, and and Travel Book will always come in handy. But once you get on the island, there are several places that you can look into that may offer good deals. Or better yet, stay with locals and experience Island life like how the locals live it.

**Travel Book offered the biggest discounts.

To book your Villa Solaria accommodation through Travel Book: click here

Moving on…

To start our journey in Siargao, we try one of the most popular activities in the island: Island Hopping!

This involves exploring the famous three are paradises- each with its unique beauty that will allure you:

Guyam Island is a teardrop shape island.

Not a bad place to swim, right?

Daku Island is the middle island and biggest among the three. It is a pretty good chill spot.

One day I’m going to tame those waves

 Discovered another happy place

Naked Island it’s not a nudist island it just doesn’t have anything other than sand on it making it a naked island.

what keeps them even is their emerald glass-like waters, cream-colored soft sand and the picturesque number of coconut trees all around!

My inner island girl self is showing

Personal Recommendation: If you have limited budget in your Siargao Tour, you can skip this tour and just focus on the near ones.

Siargao is dubbed as the Surfing capital and the Surfers’ Haven of the Philippines. Needless to say, it is one of the main attractions of the area. The Peak season is between March and October but it’s not as crowded as Boracay.

Waves are good all throughout the year, but best season is the second half of the year. So for Surfers, August to November would be the best months to surf since this is the season where the swell and wind conditions are perfect for surfing. The National and International Surfing Competition are usually held every last week of September. That’s the busy month for Siargao.

Most of the surfing instructors offer 500php per hour of their service, including surf board.

Exploring the mysteries under the sea

There’s also have other popular destination there. The Magpupungko Rock Pool.

These natural rock pools are about 1 hour drive from the main tourist area of General Luna, the rock pools are exposed at low tide and are an awesome spot for hours of exploring and cliff jumping.

Aaaaaaaand if you’re a party goer, worry not. Because Siargao definitely has AWESOME NIGHT EXPERIENCE everyday! Happy hours and fire dances.

Every night there’s something going on on the island. They have different pasabogs, and parties are actually scheduled per bar.

A good thing about the island’s party places is most of them are located relatively far away from many accommodations so that non-party goers can enjoy their goodnight’s sleep. The big nights are usually Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

These You must not miss this experience in Siargao, I tell you!

To top it off, by night we watch the night sky on the beach. Since it was a cloudless night and shooting stars can be easily seen.

I just can’t help but fall in love with the island. Being an island girl feels so good. Waking up to a mostly sunny weather, barefoot most of the time– walking on the white sand, never wearing anything more than a shirt & shorts & slippers, feeling the clear blue water rush on to your feet, no makeup on, and basically just ignoring my phone most of the time.

My heart and my soul was captivated by the rush of excitement and joy every single day of my stay in Siargao. There’s something about this island that just makes you want to forget everything and live in the now– and that’s the vacation we all kind of need once in a while.

I explore, I discover. I swim, I jump. I walk. I soaked up all the adventures the island could offer. Definitely coming coming back.

Thank you Siargao! 💙🌟

Morning Skincare Routine

We all know the importance of nighttime skincare, but a solid morning routine is just as crucial. Morning skincare is all about protection and preservation. No one wants to look haggard all day long, right? So for us to have a clear, smooth and fresh skin, we shoulda need to take care of it.

Without further ado, here we go: ( I keep my skincare routine simple. I don’t used too much products on face since I’m still young)

1). Soap

Every morning I wash my face using Dove Beauty Bar, hypoallergenic bar.

My initial thoughts that it was just another cake of soap. My skin is normally dry and flaky but after I regularly use it became less dry and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. It truly does keep my skin hydrated and looking healthy.

2). Moisturizer

My mom noticed that I don’t have glow nowadays. Maybe this is due to the fact that I often sleep late. So what I did was I purchased this Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil.

I intend to use Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil only on my face as a moisturizer. I also noticed my face look radiant than usual in the mornings, and my pores are also less prominent I cannot exactly say that it minimized my pores but it made a difference.

What I like:

•Provides moisture without the icky feeling

•Made skin radiant

•Did not ruin my makeup

•Did not made me oily

•No breakouts

Photo Credits:

3). BB Cream

I use Maybelline’s Clear Glow BB Cream. It help me especially when I need to makeup but I don’t have time. It’s my saving grace.

It is described as a “bright benefit cream,” The product claims to give you superior and flawless coverage with its special mineral clay formula. This BB cream from Maybelline offers 12 hours of shine control while acting as a concealer and moisturizer. It also offers sun protection with an SPF 21 and PA++ formula. This product offers 8 amazing benefits. The all in one formula claims to leave you with a matte finish, protect your skin from harmful UV rays, and conceal blemishes, while brightening, smoothening, evening out, refining, and hydrating your skin.

It is most suitable for people who do not have a lot of skin issues as it helps even out your skin tone by covering up redness, slight pigmentation, and light marks. However, it does not offer heavy coverage for people who might have excessive acne scars or pigmentation.

So that’s all folks. Hope it helps. It just a simple, quick and budget-friendly morning skincare routine.

Thank you for dropping by!

When You Failed

You have big dreams that came from your big heart and your big visions. Your heart was full and on fire when you first began. You’re so fired-up. Full of fire. You feel unstoppable. You feel you’re brave, and bold and brilliant all at once, and we feel as if nothing in the world can ever stop you from making your dreams come true. But there are also a times that you feel lost…and maybe wonder about things.

We get those days. We feel those feelings.

I didn’t know why, exactly. But there are times in our lives that we feel drained and exhausted from everything. Maybe a little bit tired. Period.

Last day, I got a message from a friend saying:

Honestly I got shocked upon reading this. What’s fresh on my mind is that a couple nights ago I was crying because… oh well because *nervous laugh*

So I had to asked myself, do I really look like that happy?

Well most of my friends would assumed that I’m happy because my life is just make it easy to be happy. I mean, yeah from the pictures that you see in my Instagram and my other social media sites– you’ll see a perfect life, Pinteresty travel photos, photos with big smiles and even if you watch my ‘My Day Stories’ you’ll see basically 15 second of my day with non-stop laughter. But that’s it. You’ve see only let’s say five to ten minutes of twenty-four hours of my day. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for every blessings that the Lord given to me and in good things that I have. And really, I’m this kind of person who’s always smiling, bubbly, laughing– it all real. That’s really me. It ain’t fake, seriously. It just that I want you to understand that you see only what I want you to see. The happy parts.

To be honest, my heart has been a little sore lately. Have you ever worked so hard for something, for so long, and get nothing in return? No result. No affirmation. No progress. Exhausting, really.

There’s something I’ve been working so hard for the longest time, putting out every ounce of my heart and soul into it and yet… nothing’s happening. Therefore, I felt uninspired or demotivated. I didn’t know why, exactly. Looking back, I think I was maybe a little bit tired.

I think I already mentioned it to my previous entry but not in full detail because I’m just always been afraid of sharing this… but okay. Whoa! I want to be candid this time.

Last year, I was really in a bad place emotionally. There were times I wanna shut my self from the world and I don’t wanna see anybody. I remember this time that I Stopped Working on My Dreams, and I Didn’t Care.

I was frustrated and hopeless. I just felt like broken and the world was crushed. It was all because after I graduated from college my folks allowed me to have my own small business. But after a year, I failed. I’m so so dang heartbroken. I think I disappointed them and most of all I fall short to my own expectations. I was emotional mess. That moment, I don’t know where my life’s heading. I felt like I was an aimless soul with nowhere to go. I remember, I was in the ice cream parlor and just cried there.

Also, the past two years were the most hardest years for me. I never been in my life have been I felt so rejected, betrayed. I just feeling so alone and didn’t feel valued. I didn’t talk about it or ask for help with anyone because my thought for that is it’s humiliating to admit that I’m going on the same thing for the past year and it’s embarrassing for me… and I can’t admit that I’m broken and it’s basically I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. But I’d realised that the first step in healing is to admit it to yourself that you’re broken. You need to be fix. So I’m urging you that if you felt a percentage of what I’ve felt or ten times worst, talk to somebody about it. It’s very important that you do. Maybe one of the reasons why sometimes we’re afraid to open up to people is because we’re afraid to be judge on what was going on inside us emotionally or what we’ve been through.

As for me, I started to open up to people who I trust now. It feels good!

So back to the question, what if you’re work so hard, you try so hard, you hustle so hard for your dreams but you have nothing to show for it. It’s easy to just give up then, yeah? You’d begin to think, maybe you’re fighting a wrong battle. Maybe you should just quit. I mean… why try when nothing’s happening anyway?

But you can’t. I can’t. We have to go on. We can’t give up, because if we do, then what kind of life will we live?

I don’t ever want to have to look back on my life and be filled with so many regrets. I don’t ever want to feel like I’ve wasted my life just getting by, just because I was too afraid.

Talking about ‘being afraid,’ it’s normal to feel it, anyway. You get to have a lot of what ifs and get bombarded with lots of negative thoughts.

“What if I mess up?”

“What if I failed?”

“I don’t think I can get push through with it.”

“I feel so much pressure.”

Feel pressure– one of the cause of anxiety. But sometimes don’t you think that the only one who pressuring you is yourself?

Like in Star Wars, when Luke get stuck in the Dagobah system. Because he goes there to train with Master Yoda and at first he thinks that Master Yoda is kind of weird. But then it turns out to be a lesson about understanding people, not judging and like FACING YOUR FEARS.

If you got watched it. Remember Yoda’s line:

“Do or do not. There is no try.”

He’s just saying that there’s no trying. That you gotta do it or you don’t. Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself.

It is completely okay to feel afraid. What’s important is how you respond to that fear. And choosing to be brave at the end of the day. There’s a choice whether you know just going out there and doin it and worst case scenario failing. Or just be stopped by fear and wondering for the rest of your life what could have been.

So if you want to do something but you’re afraid to maybe that’s like you know applying to that school or applying to that job or starting your own business. Just do it. Easier said than done, I know. But you never know what could happen.

Nothing try, nothing done.

We are always a work-in-progress, always learning, always growing. There’s no end to it. As long as we’re breathing, there’s a whole other world out there, waiting for us to explore. There are so many doors waiting to be opened.

Just keep walking. Keep at it. Refuse to quit. When nothing’s happening and when you’re going nowhere, keep at it anyway. One step at a time. One after another. It doesn’t even matter how or how fast you do it as long as you do it. Let it be at your own pace instead of letting the society cage you in.

And when at times it gets so hard, so downright trying… remember why you began in the first place. Most importantly, love what you’re doing.

Be happy.

But how to be happy?

I believe, we should define first to ourselves what is happiness for us. What is happiness for you? Is it having a boyfriend or is it get to travel or is it you being get in to your dream school? It would help if you list down the things that you’re thankful for. Like, if you have roof over head, you have a job or you get to watch movie in cinema. Sure, you’re run out of space on your notebook. But I understand if you are having a hard time to see the good things in life anymore.

We don’t have perfect lives. We’re humans. There so many things that we just can’t control. But it matters to learn to smile, even if. And really, for me the real happiness is doesn’t focus on what you don’t have but on what do you have. I’m not only talking about material things but in general. Like, I remember thinking that it’s fine if I don’t have the people I wanted in my life at least I have my mom who always there for me and my family who loves me. That’s what important and that’s what I need.

So that’s how I do it. That’s why I still happy despite of everything. And I’m still fighting and trying. I can say that I’m on the track again and working on my dreams. Yeah, it’s not easy. It’s an arduous process in getting your dreams indeed.

You know, failure is not a disappointment or a bad thing but a learning experience to make things better for the next try. Failures are part of our lives, we cannot outrun it because its essential in building who will we gonna be. We should not be embarrassed with it, we must learn from those mistakes to start again but more wisely.

Just go and keep going. Whatever you going through, it’s not the end of your story. You’ll be okay, I promised that.

I know we have different inner battles we’ve facing but what important is we never give up and we find help.

Let’s just be sensitive in what somebody’s feeling and going through. We can’t also assume that someone is always fine just because he’s smiling. So never get tired to speaking hope and be a little kinder. Spread love.

Lemme close this post by saying this verse:


Halfway Through 2018

Things I’ve learned after the 1st half of 2018

I can already say that it’s such an amazing year. It’s not perfect but I’ve already learned a lot and I know I became more mature. It’s challenging too. I already learned to don’t be afraid to try new things. Do what you want. Chase your dream. Think outside the box. Go beyond the lines. Jump over the walls. The only limitation is the one you set for yourself. The only block from reaching that prize is just you and your thoughts.


Everyone’s biggest enemy is themselves.

Fix what you can fix. I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and heartbreaks and slip ups in the past years. Those of which I could remedy, I did. Those that I couldn’t, I let go and let be. When life has been throwing me curveballs, I put in my mind that I’m just going through the phase and can get out of it pretty soon. Things will be okay. It always does.

No to forced connections.

To be quite frank, I’ve actively been disassociating myself with toxic people who bring or have brought me a great deal of trouble and anxiety. Best decision of my life. It all because I simply don’t have the time for forced connections and meaningless friendships. I’m so tired for always making an effort to reached out for some people but sadly they don’t have cared at all. Been so fed up for pseudo friendships. And I already saw how small my worth to other people. It was easy for them to discard me when I have no used to them.

I don’t have the energy for relationships that I feel no longer add any value into my life. Life is too short for anything less than real and authentic.

Don’t rush things.

I got constantly asked about when will I settle. And people kept telling me that I should be in a relationship now or else I’ll become an old maid.

Huh. Why is it a big deal if I don’t have and never had a boyfriend? I’m happy. That’s what matters to me.

And I’d rather spend my time on my hobbies than force myself to settle just because I’m afraid of growing old alone.

That’s not the way I want to live my life. In fact, that’s not living at all.

Well, maybe God is still molding me and him until we both meet each other at the perfect time. I know it will happen on its pace.

Whoa! Glad that I have this site which used to be my sanctuary, my escape.

I thought realization will come to me at the end of the year. But maybe, okay na rin ‘to. At least, I’m guided for the whole year because I already learned a lot. I became more wise. I’ll do my best to survive this year. And I’ll make this one more meaningful.


Life Lately Vol. 9

Hello hello dudes!

I knoooow I’ve been missing in action for a month but I’m officially back!

Wow. Just. Wow.

Who would’ve thought? On my last entry I’d said that I missed my social life and how boring my life was. I felt like nothing good would come to me this season BUT GOD IS REALLY GREAT! This past few weeks’ done nothing but give me good vibes. HE was able to turn my life around through simple but powerful things.

This is something I’ve pondered and grew deep inside of me– the Lord is always there. Even though you you feel like you’re in your rock bottom and lowest of lows, He has this certain way of reminding you that you’re not forgotten and HE has plans for you.

So, with that said, let’s get straight to happy things happened to me.

Firstly, I just finished reading a longass story with 65 chapters and done writing 3 synopses.

Secondly, Kuya Keith, my cousin, came home! Imagined after eighteen years we haven’t seen each other he visited us here in the Philippines again. Ugh, I missed him so much. We met his fiancé, too and oh my god! She’s amazeballs. She’s so pretty and sweet!

I had such a great time talking to them!

Thirdly, the outing that me and my friends have planned a months ago finally happened. Yey!

We went to Batangas. It’s a blessed land. It also well known for its beaches and dive spots. The best part is it’s close to Manila, just two to three hours away

The area is popular for its pristine waters, fine, white sand beaches, and beach resorts.

This is what I’m talmbout


And since I’m a fun of amusement/theme parks, I suggested to my friends that we should go to the what people called “Disneyland of the Philippines,” as a side trip.

It gives you the vibes of Disneyland x Silent Hill much. Like a lost Alice.

Fantasy World is a medieval-themed park.  It was believed to have been “abandoned” due to low funding. It is now currently run and maintained by the homeowners association.

The place gives you a mixed feeling of being in a fantasy kingdom and being in an eerie abandoned place.

The place might leave you in awe of the view upon the entrance where you are welcomed by 4 castle-like structures in a quadrangle. But there is so much more to Fantasy World than just the castles.

8-cabin Ferris wheel

Though, they’re not working anymore. They just serve as big interactive installation arts where you can get your hipster photos taken.

Many say that this place is considered the Disneyland of the Philippines, but personally, it is far from that. The place is small. It’s just a good place for photoshoots.

Wow. Looking back, it’s been a really amazing week. So there. That’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by!

Lemme close this post by saying,

“May He give the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

-Psalm 20:4

Must hit the sack now. Night, folks!


Sunday Currently Vol. 01

Hi dudes!

This is my first ever volume of SUNDAY CURRENTLY. This just a quick update on what’s been down in my life now. But honestly I don’t know why I even doing this. Haha. Maybe because I’m just being lazy bum to make an entry on Life Lately link-up and since nothing much excited happened to me naman, e.

Anyway, so what’s been going on with me? Just like what I’d said, NOTHING. I think I lost my social life somewhere. If found please come and notify me. Hahaha!



Hm. This is tricky. I’ve listened to various songs today since I’m actually updating my playlist on YouTube, but if I really need list one right now, I guess it’s Bored to death by Blink-182. If do you have any song suggestions or if do you want to share the playlist you created, please lemme know by commenting it down below. And we can be friends. Hihi


I started binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. So far, I enjoyed watching it that I even recommended it to my cousin. Hi Rachel!

By the way, I watched Avengers: Infinity War yesterday and oh my gosh, WITHOUT SPOILING ANYTHING, Infinity War is everything you expected and everything you didn’t– at the same time. Aaaaaaahh I really wanna watch it again!

Me after watching Infinity War:



Ecstatic, happy and blessed. Jesus is so good! Feeling more and more lately how much He actually loves me and its rocking my world a bit.

I also thankful and really did appreciate people who message me just to catch up and tell stories bout themselves.

I kept thinking, “What I did do right to deserve this kind of love and support from these people around me?” Very very thank you for always being there for me and supporting me in every way.

Thank you for listening me whenever. Thank you for opening up to me, going to me for advice– trusting to my words of wisdom. Thank you for always letting me know and makes me feel that you enjoyed my company. Thank you for laughing at my lame jokes. Thank you for making me feel I belong. Just thank you for everything.💙


Wala. Wala naman akong isip, e. Hahahaha joke. I’m trying to figure out on how I’m gonna pull into words my next entry about life, fear, motivation. Swear,I’m itching to get my fingers to work on it. Aaaand I’m planning on….can’t really disclose much right now but I’ve been talking to my folks about something that might really affect my future – in a good way. This is something that’s been tickling my mind on and off in the past but I didn’t know if I can do it…basta I’m still balancing things pa.


I just ate my lunch.


I started reading I Love Seaside. It’s a surf and travel guide to Southwest Europe. It’s presented through the eyes of inspiring seaside people, from surfers to travellers and artists. The guide takes you from the shores of Brittany in France to northern Portugal up to the coast of Southern Andalucia.

It has beautiful pictures, interviews with locals, artists and background stories the guide takes you on a dreamy journey along coastlines, small villages and impressive landscapes.

I love this book because it’s my dream to get travel in Europe someday.


This post and my other pending blog post! Oha! Sipag ni ate girl niyo.


Happy weekends!


You’re Tired . That’s Okay

Do you struggle every morning to get out of your bed?

Are you still tired no matter how much sleep you get?

Have you ever felt like giving up, giving in, giving out, uninspired, demotivated– feels like one push, one shove and you gonna stumble down?

Friend, you’re not alone.

We all feel this negative emotions. It’s not okay, and it’s okay not to be okay. Because we’re humans, and humans are wired to get tired, especially when everything gets a little bit too much.

Sometimes we just want to quit and bail.

We want to go somewhere away from where we are right now.

We want to stop dreaming.

We want stop hoping.

We want to stop working.

We just want to stop.

There are good days, days where everything is alright and all you want to do is to share smile to everyone and throw good vibes and love all around. But there are off days, too. Days where everything is wrong. You feel this cold, heavy feeling lodged in your chest. And you don’t want to talk to anyone.

There are good days and there are off days. We know this by heart but it doesn’t mean we understand it. But

we’re entitled to both.

Maybe it’s really inevitable. Maybe you just lost the drive. Or you ran out of gas. For whatever reason, for whatever it’s worth, it’s okay to quit and stop.

Can I just tell you a story?

For the past few months, I felt sad for no apparent reason. Then I came across to this meme:

Looks I’m constantly assigned to mourn the death of a stranger. *cough* a good excuse *cough*

Yeah, I spent whatever free time I had going through memes and videos on Facebook just to ebb away this negative feelings inside of me. I really don’t know why I came to this point. Maybe I’m little bit tired. Because I work hard and strive hard for my goals like runners on steroids, or race cars on nitro boosters. Reservation and Ticketing Officer on weekdays, studied how to write better at night– did a lot of research, worked on character profiles, editing manuscript, and attending workshop on weekends– so I guess I got tired. I lost in the transition.

I even came up to idea that maybe it’s a time now for a career change. I want to quit. I really want to pack my bag and go somewhere else. Okay, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful to the good things had happened to me like from the exciting posts that you guys saw here and/or in my any social media sites but please keep in mind that there’s a lot of things go on behind the scenes you can’t see.

Anyway, I want to marinate in my sad state. I want to isolate myself from everyone– even if I’m kind of this person who always love to talk to people and I always check on friends– but not on that moment.

I felt like I’m trapped inside the darkest part of my mind. I’m drowning. I’m being submerged in dark waters, surrounding me. It’s stifling and choking me. And I can’t breathe. It seems like no matter how hard I try to kick and swim, I can’t get up.

I was so tired, so exhausted, so burnt out — at work, at my dreams, at life. I remembered I wanted to cry that night. I’m screaming in my mind.

“Lord, help. I can’t take it anymore.”

You know how in the movies, when someone is drowning and you feel as if it’s the end of the line for that character, you suddenly see a hand breaking through the dark waters to pull that person up?

It was like that for me. I don’t know know how it happened, exactly, but out of the water drowning me, I suddenly saw a hand reach out to me. I was out of there.

Kim, I’m just waiting for you to come back. I’m just waiting for you to call me. You don’t need to be fear and worry for I am your God. Trust.

(Maybe I’m imagining things. But my faith stands. It was God.)

And it hit me hard. Maybe I just went away from HIM. Though, it’s not like I left God or broke ties with HIM. But yes, my prayers were dry. My spiritual life was dry. My relationship with God was dry.

So I went back. I repair my relationship with the Lord. I surrendered everything to HIM. On the next day, it didn’t miraculously become inspired me or what. But I felt ease and calm. It changed my heart. It seems like the big waves has passed and sea became calm once again.

Friend, If you’re tired and you want to quit, and you’re being honest with yourself– you need to be honest. It’s okay.

If you failed. That’s okay. You learned anyway.

If you quit. That’s okay. You can always begin again, anyway.

If you got rejected. That’s okay. You can try again. And keep in mind that you’re not being rejected for something good, you’re being redirected to something better.

If you lost heart. That’s okay. You will find it again.

We all need to take a break, a breather. We all need that. Pause. Rest.

You can file a leave of absence from your work. Do travel– go on hiking or to the beach. You can binge watch your favorite Netflix show. You can take a break from any social media platform– I do this most of the time and it’d help me.

Just do anything would help you to find yourself. Brings you happiness, serenity and warm feelings. And help you to get back in the track.

You’re just going through the phase and you’d get out of it pretty soon. Just don’t be hard to yourself. Take the time you that needed.

I pray that you find in your heart and in your soul the peace that you’re looking for. I pray that you find it in your deepest core to muster up the strength to raise your head, open your lips, and cry unto God.

-Kim ✨